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A performer living abroad (in any status) can receive the royalties to an account in his name in Israel, or to an account in his name abroad.

To define the status and the tax percentage for an artist living abroad (withholding tax) according to his country of residence and according to the tax treaty of that country with Israel (whether the money goes to an account in Israel or to an account abroad) – you must transfer to us:

1. Residence permit (resident – an official document on residence in the country where the artist resides) which can be obtained from the tax authorities in the country, or from a CPA (CPA certificate on payment of taxes) for the current year.

2. Full account details: If the account is located abroad, the name of the bank, full address of the bank, branch number, account number, IBAN number and private address of the performer. 

3. Additional details that you will be asked to pass on to us in the form below.

After the residency is approved by Eshkolot’s accountant, the payments will be transferred to the foreigner minus the agreed tax, in accordance with the instructions of the Tax Authority.

As the amount is transferred to an account abroad, the costs of converting the currency and transferring the funds abroad will be offset from the payment to the merchant.

In addition, if you are not yet registered in Eshkolot, you can also sign in the following link, a  Letter of transfer of rights so that we can represent you in an optimal way. 

You can send us all the required information and documents as well as renew your residency permit here.

Israeli residents only – If you are an Israeli resident you can easily fill in this form Click here to fill in.

You can always contact us by the following ways: on WhatsApp  or at the Performers Service Center.

You can log in here to your personal area  or use the  personal area guide.

Sincerely, Eshkolot Team.